Benefits of Honey in Ayurveda


All of you are well aware of honey. It has been considered very beneficial and auspicious in mythology, ayurveda and botanical science. Honey is used as medicine as well as for worship of God. One of the five elements used for preparing ‘Panchamrita’ (a sacred drink prepared with milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey) is honey. Honey is included in all auspicious ceremonies and has the power of curing all diseases. It makes us sweet both

honey_herbal_medicineinternally and externally.

Judging the Quality of Honey

When we purchase honey, we are not sure whether it is pure or impure. There are few simple tricks, with which we can clearly judge its quality.

  • Pure honey pours down in the shape of a serpent whereas the impure honey falls flat on the plate. Apply a little honey on a stick and light it on fire, if it starts burning consider it to be pure.
  • Pure honey is transparent. A dog will not lick it. Pure honey has a good smell. It melts in heat and frosts in cold season.

Which regions produce the best honey? Honey found in Kashmir and Himachal is of the best quality and is very beneficial. It gives instant relief in the case of eye problems. The quality of honey found in these regions is extremely good because it is obtained from the lotus flowers grown in the lakes of Kashmir. This type of honey containing a lot of medicinal values is not found in any other place.