cancer astrology

Cancerians Woman may seem magnetic and mysterious, like her ruling Moon, especially on the first date, but her sensuality will show through before the evening is out. However, it’s not wise to view the Cancer woman as a one night stand. She needs security and sensitivity in her men.

Sensual as well as changeable, Cancer women tend to be buxom, with a certain delightful timidity or shyness which makes them attractive to many kinds of men.

cancer astrology
cancer astrology

Because of her changeability, her mate may think he’s living with twelve different women. Be prepared for emotional outbursts and confessions of love, for these, she has in plenty. Don’t be too shocked at her mercurialness, for her temper may flare, and she may hold a grudge if a spat isn’t resolved right away.

Her many-sidedness makes her a complex woman, one who needs a good protector, much reassurance, and sensitivity; she is a woman who has a certain sentimental liking for old-fashioned etiquette, and she wants her permanent mate to be a good provider.

Cancer women tend to seek lasting relationships, and would probably feel unfulfilled if they are denied, children. Because of their ties to their parents, especially to their mothers, Cancer women will expect their lovers and husbands to extend themselves for their parents in times of need.


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