Death Card – the most discussed and controversial card

death card


Death Card – the most discussed and controversial card

Death card, more often than not is suggesting it’s time to get

rid of the old and bring in the new. If you don’t do this willingly, then
it will feel like a death because there will be loss and perhaps some suffering.

Vishal  was almost in tears when he called me to fix up an appointment for a reading. Out of curiosity I asked him about the issue, which I generally don’t do on the phone. He told me about his Tarot Reading for his 9 year old son the previous day, which had Death Card in it The prediction given to him was that his son is soon going to die unless some precautions are taken. That was a cause of concern to him.

What does death card in this reading mean? Does death card always signify a death? Is it a death of something for which the reading is being done? For e.g. Death of a relationship if it comes after lovers card. It is very important that we readers take all readings seriously as we are not only readers but people have a lot of faith in us and they to us as counselors also.

In this case I did his reading and got six of swords for him.death card

To me it was a time for great change for the child. The child was not behaving well in the past and all family members were concerned about him. Six of swords further ensures that he is going to improve. I predict Six of swords as a change from troubled waters to calmer times. Can you imagine the trauma vishal was going through? It is not about the card but the way that card is interpreted and prediction is made.

We have a responsibility to our clients and it is not to frighten them or have them obsessing over their own death. There are positive and negative cards that are laid out for people all of the time. It is how we as Readers convey that information that will help them to make positive changes in their lives to help avert the negativity that we may have foreseen. Anything can change in a reading when we start making mental and physical changes in our own lives. Nothing is etched in stone.

In many decks, DEATH is called TRANSFORMATION. It may mean a complete change, a drastic turnover when you are resisting.


Death to me is about “natural” change, about accepting the things you can’t do anything about. It can also be put it as preparation for new growth – allow yourself to blossom.

Trees lose their leaves in the winter – and they appear  “dead”. The tree does not hold on to the dead leaves – it releases them to prepare for new growth. This is a time for a “hibernation”  of sorts – to think and reflect on the past – but more importantly to LET GO. A release can be painful – but it is also cleansing, and  the new growth is beautiful, and very life-affirming.