Emotional healing is a factor in healing all disease and much of any healer’s skill is bases upon awareness of it. The most intangible and hardest to touch of remedy systems. It is perhaps the most important remedy of all, and certainly the most complex.

Women’s bodies do not stop at the skin, and the body is actually four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The dense physical body, what can be seen and touched, is what the medical system treats and what woman’s healing treats by physical level methods. These methods directly affect the body; their biochemical ingredients make changes in the biochemical components of physiology. Why is it that humans cannot regrow limbs, but lizards can? And what is it that sometimes causes a fractured bone to not knit and rebuild? The human body contains sixty trillion cells; what directs some of them to be skin cells, while other are bone, organ, blood or lymph cells? And why do normal cells sometimes become cancerous?meditation emotional healing

The answers lie beyond the physical body level, in the unseen energy levels, called the four subtle or vibrational bodies in most metaphysical traditions. Health or disease begin in the vibrational energy levels, and healing that is permanent must also treat these levels.

The four bodies –physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – are present in the seven layers of the aura. Many women can see these bodies visually, or see some of them.

Woman who meditate can learn to visualise their etheric bodies and charkas, and to clear blockages from them before they result in physical disease in the meditative state, visualize each chakra in turn and fill it with its designated colour. In an example, if you have a sore throat, visualize the charkas and aura as a whole first, and light up each chakra with its colour.

Woman who see auras visually may see this body as flashing colours that move in and out of the emotional body aura. The mental body filters through the emotional before it reaches the etheric double and dense physical body. In the mental body, women can create what they want for their lives and emotional healing, but they must do so very carefully. A woman discovers a lump in her breast and makes an appointment to have it biopsied. She can visualize mentally in two different ways. In the positive way, she can realize that eighty percent of breast lumps are benign. If she makes that image and concentrates on it often enough. She can begin holistic therapies of her choice immediately, to go along with the visualization.

The other way to visualize is the negative way. She can see herself dying horribly of cancer, her body mutilated by the medical system’s surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. What we create in our minds/mental bodies, aided by the emotions the thoughts raise, have direct repercussions on what happens in the physical body. The woman who visualizes positively is much likelier to have a positive outcome than the woman who allows her fears to run wild. Negative thought patterns, many of them so habitual as to be no longer conscious for examining, have great effect in creating women’s disease. By changing the negative thought patterns, no matter how well-rooted, women change their bodies, reactions from disease to health. Emotional healing uncovers the negative patterns, allowing women to change their thoughts, emotions and bodies – if they choose to work that way.

Women who are able to feel themselves as part of Goddess (or whatever they call source energy), are women who will have happier, more fulfilled, and healthier lives. That connection with purpose and reason for Being is all important in how the body manifests disease or wellness.

Emotional Healing that begins with the physical body changes the etheric double/physical body aura. The next layer is the emotional body. Here the woman looks at her emotions around the infection – what made her immune system low? Once she has a handle on the use of the infection in the emotional sense, she uses her conscious mind to create solutions to heal the emotion.