Karma Astrology

Prarabdha cannot be changed by any one. This is destined to happen. No one can avert it. The best way is to accept things as they are and surrender to the Almighty. Prarabdha can affect the body only, not the mind. For instance physical pain is inevitable if one has a physical body, but one need not suffer. Pain is natural, not suffering. Mental pain is what suffering is. If the mind knows that it has to face a situation involving physical pain, in addition to the physical pain, the mind goes through mental pain too in anticipation of the physical pain, worrying about it. This is like the child who suffers from mental agony three hours ahead of the injection that he knows the doctor will give him.

The actual pain of the injection itself will last but for a minute though the child suffers for hours in anticipation of the physical pain. It is most important to make this distinction between pain and suffering since almost all of us suffer more from mental pain than physical pain. If one can cultivate sufficient discrimination, one can avoid unnecessary mental suffering. In other words disasters happen, but mentally one can remain unaffected by adopting a spiritual attitude.

Some people take a wrong message from all these. They feel that doing no work (inaction) will help them. This is impossible. No human being can ever remain without karma. Bound by Prakriti (Nature), man is forced to do karma by the three gunas (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas). Our Prakriti will make us perform karma. Karma is three fold. First there arises a desire, an impulse within. Finally you exert yourself to attain it. Desire, thought and action always go together. So thought itself is subtle karma, the seed of karma. Karma can be done through the mind (thought), speech (words/verbal) and the body (the actual act). These are three threads, which make the rope of karma that binds all men. Hence even if a man is inactive and refrains from action, he may still be doing karma at a thought level.karma astrology

As long as thoughts are there, karma is being done. A man may be acting, but mentally he may not have any sense of agency, in which case karma cannot bind him. This is the essence of the Gita Shloka, He, who sees action in inaction, and inaction in action, is a yogi’. Seeing, hearing, talking, thinking, all are karmas. We are constantly performing karma through the mind, speech and body in all the three states of dreaming, sleeping and walking. There can be no state in which a man is not performing karma. Instead of running away from action, one should instead, give up all sense of agency, the identification with karma.

Remedies of Astrology

All our karmas are stored in the causal body. When the cosmic planetary patterns change, when the time is ripe, the karmas ripen to fruition; the seeds of karma in the causal body sprout and project into the astral body where they influence the mind. The thoughts energize the physical body, thus, to act in a manner that is in accordance with the karmic patterns. Thus any undesirable seed of karma spotted in the horoscope can be prevented from actualizing itself at the mind level, if one exercises enough control since the body translates the thoughts into actions. But this is often very difficult. One who gains total control over emotions like anger, lust, greed etc is indeed a Yogi.