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Herbal Beauty Tips -2


  • Boil Neem Leafs and wash your face with that water and wait for 10mins also you can mix with your bath water
  • use curd for your neck darkness. apply it everyday and wash after ten minutes.really you feel a change and your neck will glow.
  • 2spoon of apple paste, 5drops of lemon juice mix and apply the fullhands,wait for 15 min,then wash off thoroughly.once a week you do it. become your hand soft and shine.
  • For dry skin, immediately after bath apply glicerin all over the body for a smooth & glowing skin.herbal beauty
  • Grate a tomato. Add 2-3 drops of lime juice.Apply and wash after 20 mins.Do this morning and evening for 15-20 days.Apply well on neck area also.
  • badam nuts three to soak overnight or 3-4hrs,in the morning make it into fine paste .pour 3-4 table spoons of fresh milk.allow it to stand for ten min and then apply to face and other exposed areas.if u can,give massage to allow ur skin easier to sink with badam paste.leave for 30 it weekly.u will recognise a good change
  • if you get itching on your body then you can use camphor mixed in coconut oil it’s best
  • Use kadalamavu for a beautiful and a smooth skin after a soap bath apply kadalaimavu for 10mins over the body and wash it.
  • In morning at night 1 cup curd and honey drinking it will make skin fresh.
  • one tablespoon of honey with one table spoon raw milk and one tablespoon turmaric powder and one tablespoon of lemon juice mix thourouly ang apply gently on face wash afer 15 min