How to remove vastu dosha

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How to remove Vastu dosha


According to Vaastu theory, if you go round your house thrice or seven times every day, all the defects of Vaastu get removed. But you should move only clock-wise and bare-footed around your house.


Before starting the house-construction make the Brahmans have their meal at the same site.


If non – stop reading of Sri Ramacharita Manas is performed for 9 days or two days’ non-stop Kirtan glorifying Lord Hart’s name is done, all Vaastu related defects get automatically removed.


In case there be a Vaastu-Dosha in the house, at nine places in various major and minor directions, make holes and put in them Ganga jala, Panchamirita, Sangam-Reta (sand from the holy confluence of the holy rivers) and cow’s urine and cover them with long grained rice, a copper mark of Swastik and the precious or semi precious gems direction-wise. Now offer to them kumkum, rice, flowers, fruits, and Prasadam. Now cover up the holes and pray for Vaastu Devata, the Mother Earth: “let all Vaastu-dosha be removed from this edifice”. Conclude the worship ritual with Aarti to Lord Ganesh.

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Never have the main gate on any extended or sliced part of the main plot.


Put a Swastik mark at the middle of the head of the main gate and install the idol of Lord Ganesh with in and out of the main gate. This will ensure discrimination among the visitors and the family members and the Vaastu-Dosha will also be taken care of.


No gate should create any creaking sound while opening or closing. This is evil. Keep the hinges always well oiled. At the public place, halls or monuments, there could be gates in all the four major directions.


Even if the back gate be opening in a more auspicious direction, never make it the main gate. Make measures to purify the main gate even if it is in the wrong direction. If should be in the major direction of the plot.


A south-facing house may cause many troubles to the dwellers. In order to get over this defect, install a silver plate of the size of the main threshold (Dehalij). Also, serve the monkeys or keep an earthen image of the monkey at home.