Leo women attract spouses who are weaker

leo woman astrology

Leo women do not always choose their lovers wisely, and this is due to the Leo blind side. Yes, she has one. Remember, she loves to be complimented and stroked; she thrives on being the center of attention. Further, she is hot-blooded and spontaneous, wanting what she wants when she wants it (and plenty of it). Many have a strong exhibitionist streak. Sometimes it’s verbal; often, it’s physical. Any man with a faculty for the analytical will be able to spot these needs and use them to his benefit.leo woman astrology

Many Leo women are professional beauties, models, or show-business people. Others are into the arts, women’s organizations, or are heads of their departments at work. Because she considers herself pretty important, she prefers the company of important men; her ideal man probably would be well-built, handsome, rich man whose name gets around in the right circles.

Young or old, the Leo woman seems quite impressive and somewhat of a prize package to the man who is looking. There is an exciting and often daring quality to the way she dresses; it’s reflected again in the way her eyes seem to be looking for something or someone special.

She chooses her clothes to enhance her self-image, and she dresses for dramatic effect.

Because Leo women are strong in their spontaneity, they tend to marry in haste and may attract spouses who are weaker than they are. Sometimes, the wedding of complementary types works out well and comfortably. When it doesn’t, the unhappy Leo wife can—like the Aries in similar circumstances—become a shrew of formidable proportions