Mantra: instrument of the mind


Mantra: an instrument of the mind

Mantra means “the instrument of the mind” or “what protects the mind.” Control of the mind the unfoldment of the hidden powers of the mind (siddhis) arise through the power of the mantra. Mantra is the main method of treating consciousness (Chitta) and is helpful for healing all levels of the mind, inner and outer. It can alter of eradicate deep- seated latencies and impressions. For this season, it is the main Ayurvedic therapy for treating psychological disorders and can be helpful for physical problems as well.


Mantra allows us to change the vibratory pattern of consciousness. It is a direct method for dealing with the mind. Methods relying on diet, herbs, impressions, or even counseling, however useful, are indirect or external. It can be far more helpful to regularly chant a mantra that to analyze our psychological problems. The mantra changes the energetic structure of the mind which dissolves the problem, while thinking about the problem can reinforce it. Mantra changes the energy of the mental field in a positive way. It is very different than an analysis which, by examining the patterns of negativity and how they got that way, may not alter them at all.


There is a background sound-pattern to our consciousness. It may be a song we have just heard or the memory of a painful or pleasurable event. Some movement of sound is always going on inside us. Like the rhythm in music, it determines the rhythm of our consciousness. The conscious use of sound can change that rhythm so that the sound of our consciousness supports rather than detracts from our awareness.


Our consciousness consists of deep-seated habits and tendencies. These are the ruts in the field of our consciousness created by repeated mental activity (Samskaras).  Mantra allows us to iron them out. When we repeat a mantra for a long period of time, this creates an energy that can neutralize the scars left for our distracted mental activity and create a more powerful memory to override them.


Our memories are the subtle sound vibrations that we retain in our consciousness. Memory in the psychological sense –– the internal record of hurts and fears –– is undigested sound. Such memory is misunderstood sound that leaves a scar upon the mind. It is a vibration that cannot be assimilated into the fabric of the mental field but remains apart and produces changes that distort perception or lead to wrong action. Being constricted sound patterns, memories and their pain can be neutralized by the right mantras, which project a contrary sound energy that breaks up their stagnation.