Mantra Sound Transmit Energy

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Mantra Sound Transmit Energy

sound of our words carries an emotional force and transmits an emotional message. It tells how we feel and reveals our underlying psychological condition. This may by different than the actual meaning of what we say. Apparent statements of love may hide resentment, for example, or statements or happiness may sorrow or self-pity.


Negative emotion is nothing but a certain energy of the life-force, which is trapped by our process of self-centered consciousness. We must learn to release the energy bound up inside emotions. Negative emotions owe their existence to the wrong usage of the energy of consciousness, which consists of fixing our attention on the names and forms of the external world and losing track of the greater field of existence. The release of negative emotion depends upon stopping the process the produces them. This is to reclaim our energy of attention and use it in a creative and conscious way is the present.chakra-science


Mantras, through their sound energy, produce a certain emotional force or force of feeling. Through these energies we can become conscious of our emotions. Through mantra we can exercise our emotions. We can learn to play with and master emotions, which are cosmic forces of expression. We can learn how to creatively and consciously experience anger, fear, or grief like an actor. We can energize them and by degrees merge them into each other, until our mind returns to its original state of pure felling.

Any sensation we take personally, that we like or dislike, produces an emotion from fear and desire to love and hate. Sound, as the most primary sensory potential, generates the strongest emotions. Each emotion creates a particular kind of sound. More intense emotions usually demand stronger sound. We sing with joy, shout in anger, cry in sorrow, groan in pain, and scream in extreme fear or pain. Those who die violently scream loudly first, reflection the agitation of the life-force as it is prematurely cut off. Sound is a vehicle for emotion, which it can either reinforce of release.