Protect your Home From Evil Eyes

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Protect your Home From Evil Eyes



Should you be going to accomplish some of your very important missions and a black act cuts your way, you may not succeed in your mission. In that case return home, drink some water and then leave for your work after some time. In case you are quite far away from your home and returning may not be possible, chant mentally the following Mantra for eleven times and then leave for your mission. The Mantra is; ‘SHREERAMAAYNAMAH


Keep your house neat and clean to ensure its prosperity and happiness. The more time is elapsed to your house’s cleaning since the Sun rise, the more delayed by the prosperity to your house.


Don’t indulge much in perfumes application on your person as it provides a ground for the black magic rites (Jodoo-Tona) to be effective. Use the perfumes sparingly.


If you may be feeling apprehensive without any genuine reason float on a flowing water a coconut-shell and some walnut (Akhrot) pieces to ensure end of your melancholia.


Don’t keep the withered garlands/flowers offered to the deities in the house when they are dry and stale. It bodes ill for you.

shreevedic, vastu tips,vastu dosha , Vastu wealth,prosperity,evil eye

If you happen to espy the crows all around your roof, it is a very auspicious indication. Your desire will be fulfilled.


If a married pregnant woman dreams her getting a gift of some gold ornament or a gold-ring, it is a sure indication of her getting blessed with a son.


If a photographed image of your, god falls down on the ground and gets broken, or the trunk or hand of your Ganapati idol may be broken, it is deemed to be very inauspicious omen. In order to remove the bad or ominous offer a coconut shell to a Lord Hanuman Temple and chant the following Mantra:

Ram Rameti Rameti Rame Raame

Manorame I

Sahastranaam Tattulyam Ram Naam

Varaaname II

For eleven times.


Suppose you are going out of your house and fear something untoward happening, chant the following Mantra before going out to feel reassured in whatever condition you be.

“Om Nama Bhagawata Vasudevaaya”


Shree Krishna Sharanam Gachchaami”