Tarot – Secret story of cards

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Tarot – Secret story of cards


Tarot serves as a direct link-a cosmic conference call, between your conscious self, your subconscious, and divine wisdom. Tarot is a predictive tool and a means for understanding ourselves and our world.

Tarot operates on the premise that the answer to all questions already exists and that some part of the you-your subconscious, higher mind, inner wisdom knows the answers. The trick is to access the information and bring it into your awareness. Through symbols, colors, meaningful patterns, movement and imagery, cards help you bypass your rational, logical intellect and its limited understanding so you can see the big picture.

How to Form a Good Question?

  • Take a deep breath and empty all the negative emotions while exhaling. Think about your problem. Frame questions as specific as you can. Say exactly what you like to know.tarot-cards
  •    Don’t ask a question like when will I get a new job? Rather ask, what should I do to get a new job? Will it give me more money; satisfy my creativity or rise in status?
  •    Avoid asking too many questions in one reading. Pick out only one spread at one time.     Don’t repeat your questions within next three months unless there is a drastic change in the situation.
  • Tarot provides helpful insights for your present moments. These insights help you take a right decision at right time. It warns you not to repeat your mistakes and change your life for better.
  • Focused questions give focused answers. Frame your questions like…what do I need to do to make this relationship work?-What an action I need to take to save this property?
  • What do I need to know if I want a promotion in next one year?

Remember!! The cards do not always tell you what you want to know, but they do always tell what you need to know. They do not always answer the question that you ask, but they will always answer the question that needs answering the most.