Vastu For Career And Prosperity

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Vastu For Career And Prosperity


Should you want a better career, never keep old books and worn out clothes in your study room. If that study is used by more than one child, have the smiling kids photograph duly installed in that room. This shall make the children become more friendly with each other.


If you have a staircase in west-north corner, or a raised platform you will never get peace due to litigation, confrontations etc. friends may become your opponents. Even the evil spirits emerge from everywhere. You suffer business loss. Murder, suicides etc. are caused because of this wrong placement.


Never buy a house/premises or office etc. from someone who has failed in life. Your own prosperity will, otherwise, be stopped. It is because of some basic Vaastu defect that its previous owner couldn’t succeed in life. You must get the house checked for the Vaastu Dosha and use it only when that defect has been removed.


If your safe, steel almirah etc. are having empty spaces meant for ornaments and money, you will not be able to fill them properly. If you can’t afford anything, keep something sweet inside – like almonds – dry dates to ensure your continued prosperity.


Any fire-apparatus or appliance like cooking gas, stove, ‘havan-kunda’, etc. shouldn’t be in north east direction as their presence in this direction destroys all prosperity and wealth etc. the gate towards east should never be on a higher level and the gate on the southern side should never be lower than the gate in the eastern side as it indicates crisis ever looming large on your head.shreevedic, vastu tips,vastu dosha , Vastu wealth,prosperity


If you fail to preserve wealth then you must inspect the place you keep your money at. Should it be in the Vayavya Kona, the money will flow away like wind. Remember that the abode of the custodian of the divine wealth-Kubera – is due north. Hence your safe or money-chest should always be in the northern direction and the Almirah door should open towards north only.


Don’t keep anything relating to your office in the bed-room of nubile sons or daughters. This may hamper their marriage. Keeping fresh flowers inside your bed-room will enhance your nuptial bliss. But see that old and stale flowers are not kept there as they produce negative energy. Remove them the moment they appear withered or dry.