Vastu Tips For new Home

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Vastu Tips For New Home

Before filling the foundation of the house bury a honey filled vessel in the ground. This shall ensure the dweller staying away from the range of the dangers.


Put the mark of Swastic at the head of your main gate.


The following trees near your home give evil effect: Imli, Pakariya, Baragad, Peepal with partially empty stem, the trees that have thorns and that which ooze out milk; Motia, Champa, Kevra, Kunda and Anwala. The latter category of the trees is deemed bad because despite their overpowering fragrance they become the hideout of poisonous snakes and insects. They may cause the hazard to the house owner.


If Khajoor (dates), Banana, Anar (pomegranate) and big lime trees grow around a house on their own they shall cause the ruin of the house owner due to ceaseless confrontations among the family members.vastu vedic vastu vastu astrology


Before the house-warming ceremony, it is essential to install a Tulsi plant, the photograph of your chosen deity, a pitcher filled with water and make a cow enter it first. These measures ensure peace and prosperity of the house.


Never stop the house-building work once it has commenced, else the whole house will become Rahu’s dwelling place.


For businessmen and trader class people, the auspicious trees are Spandan, Sindhu and Khadir.


If you feel the presence of the Vaastu-Dosha in your house, take a silver thread and bury it under your main gate and install a ‘Panchamukhi Hanuman Idol’ facing the main gate.


Before starting the house-building work make the workers (mason etc.) eat some sweet edible.


In case during the house building process, you detect the ants coming out with their eggs, feed them on sugar and flour.