Vastu Tips for selection of Place

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Vastu Tips for selection of Place


The plot for your potential house should not have any hospital, wordhip-place, school, police station, fire-brigade station, crematorium, the garbage den, or a gutter. Also, your plot should not have a bigger plot on its right or left. Never buy a plot sandwiched between two big plots.


If your flat be in a building having high rise building, hillocks, Peepal or Banyan trees in the north east and deep pits, ponds, rivers or gutters in south west, you will not have peace. Also the multiple story building having the high tension wire passing over its top is not a right place to have your flat in.


Neither nears the north-well nor in the north east you should keep your cooking gas. Stoves, furnace, generator, boiler, geyser, A.C. or oven. If these appliances throw heat in the northern region your friends will never be happy with you. Such a family remains ever surrounded with difficulties because north-east is essentially a water zone. When the heat reaches there, a duel starts between the two natural forces.vedic vastu, vastu purush,shreevedic, vastu tips,vastu dosha


The number of gates in the house should always be even but not as the multiple of 10 (like 10, 20, 30 etc). Such a number is inauspicious.


You should never make the basement of your house as a living place. This blind-following of the west in against the Vaastu principles. One should never dwell in a basement.