Migraines attacks on woman


Migraines attacks on the woman

Seventy percent of the people who get migraines are women. Most women’s migraines and at menopause—a reason to look forward to growing older. Food sensitivities are the source of twenty-five percent of migraines. Other causes include: hypoglycemia, hormone imbalances stress, constipation and digestive disorders, liver malfunction, poor circulation, arthritis in the neck and upper spine, abnormal levels of some brain chemicals. High blood pressure, fluid retention, or head or neck injury can cause migraines, as can flickering bright lights, not eating and certain foods. Different women will have different sensitivities, which can also include gluten, com, tomatoes, milk products or food additives.


Migraine is not a simple headache. It begins at the back of the head and moves to above or behind one eye or one side of the head. There may be nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, diarrhea, tingling and numb limbs, and some women experience periods of paralysis, blackout or seizures. Some migraines are preceded by the migraine aura, involving disturbed vision or speech, weakness, sensory aberrations, flashing lights in front of the eyes. This is a disease of the circulatory system, where the blood vessels of the head first expand and then contract abnormally. Do nightly meditation to reduce stress, avoid allergic foods and avoid constipation. Holistic methods are more effective in my experience, than medical drugs and they have no side effects.Migraines woman


Naturopathy: Start with a three-day apple juice fast, or for cleansing the liver a fast using grapefruit juice or lemon juice and hot water. Reintroduce solid foods slowly, watching for reactions to any food. Food allergies can be identified this way. Food rotation, not repeating any food more often than every five days, can reduce migraines also. eat a diet as free of chemicals and additives as possible, low in sugar, with little or no meat, and stop caffeine and smoking. Reduce salt and use sea salt. It is highly important to avoid constipation.


Use odorless garlic two tablets per day with meals as an antioxidant, and to reduce candida albicans. To abort a migraine, try taking a tablespoonful of raw homey at the first indication; if the migraine isn’t gone in half an hour, take the honey again with three glasses of water. Take two teaspoons of honey at each meal as a preventive, or use a teaspoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey in a glass of hot or cold water three times a day to regulate digestion. Royal jelly can help when migraines are of hormone imbalance origin.

Migraines woman Honey

     Herbal creams containing oil of wintergreen, lavender, peppermint or ginger are massaged into the forehead, temples and back of neck. Other herbs to inhale or use as above are: basil, chamomile, ginger, lavender, marjoram, Melissa, peppermint, spearmint, angelica, rosemary, aniseed or jasmine.


Emotional Healing: Women who get migraines are women who try too hard, or whose competence is stifled by less aware people. They panic at being driven, particularly as they drive themselves to the limits without other’s influence, and they are die-hard perfectionists who are often very frustrated and insecure. They feel not good enough and are angry about it, and need to control what happens to them. Stop resisting the flow of life, reduce stress, release anger, and let others make fools of themselves if they have to. Learn to meditate nightly to reduce tension. Go at your own pace and give yourself less work and more fun. Work on self-image—you are good.