Your hand can reveal Your mental and physical tendencies

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Your hand can reveal Your mental and physical tendencies

Hand can reveal our mental, moral and physical tendencies and the intimate relation between the hand and the sub-conscious mind through which we come into contact with the Infinite intelligence that shapes our destiny. This explains why the lines and signs undergo a change in a mysterious way due to the working of the mind, which acts under the direction of the will and what Hindu philosophers refer to as Buddhi, the discriminative faculty.

We are therefore of the opinion that the conscientious study of palmistry can prove useful to physicians in the treatment of patients; to parents concerned about the future of their children; to teachers planning programmes of instruction. And to men and women who contemplate matrimony.

Indian Universities should introduce palmistry as a subject of study. This would tent to popularise it, so that subsequently it could be made a compulsory subject to be taught, with Child Psychology, to pupil-teachers in Normal Schools and University Training Colleges. This may sound novel and startling, but it is a fact that in Ancient India the guru was at once priest, teacher and palmist or astrologer.

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Palmist stresses the fact that hand-reading enables them to forecast well in advance the state of health of a person, as well as the state of mind that might be responsible for it.

In India, among the Hindus, parents become extremely anxious about the future lot of their daughters, as soon as they attain puberty.

In this direction, palmistry can render valuable assistance by providing a pair on the brink of marriage with a clear breakdown of their nature, health and tendencies and facts about the future as revealed by the imprints of their hands.

It is possible for an astrologer or palmist to forecast an event, seeing that the element of free-will is likely to cause changes in the markings on the hand? Palmist authorities answer variously, Desbarroles, the Frenchman, declared that it is not possible to read the occurrence of events marked on the hands more than five years in advance. But actually palmists have been able to predict events relating to accidents, bereavements, and other fatalities as also happiness and success (suggested by hand-marks), which did come to pass at the specified time. In many cases, the warning against dangers and “don’ts” were carelessly unheeded.