Your Name has electro-magnetic power

name numerology

Your Name has electro-magnetic power


According to the ‘vibration’ at the time of birth a name comes to the individual spontaneously, without any calculation, suggested by a relative, priest or friend. This name coupled with the date of birth contains in it the complete character and destiny of the individual. Being born at a particular time is not merely by chance, but in order to learn certain lessons and perform certain tasks. The significance of numbers is much in accordance with the findings of the great philosopher Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Netterheim in the sixteenth century. Next in line is the popular numerologist and faith healer of the eighteenth century-Giuseppe Balsamo Cagliostro who furthered the work of Agrippa and Pythagoras.

name numerology


name of a person is his autobiography of life and events—past, present and future. Every number carries behind it the occult or spiritual forces embodied in it from ancient times. Each number has in it a peculiar electromagnetic power with which the character and events of life are subtly and decisively influenced. Having gained the numerological insight you can know how and why you or somebody behaved or is likely to behave at a certain time. According to Pythagoras both quality and quantity are represented by the numbers 1 to 9. Each number has a positive effect with which the individual is endowed. There is a negative effect of numbers which prevails specially at the time of conflict between two or more numbers and the clash can be straightened out with proper understanding.


There are four categories into which the meanings have been divided:


Positive Effect:                     Personality, the positive side of nature.

Opportunities and Vocation:   Openings for personal career and fields of

business activities.

Negative Effect:                   The other side if the nature at the time of


Personal Side:                    Behaviour and outcome in human